Please note I do not have a sample of this yet, so please take the mockup! It will use the same colour purple for the hearts and lining, but the white will be black instead!


Price is £40 Until 12/06/2022


The UFO Ita bag comes with a free insert!


PVC Plastic Display Window Faux Leather used

Total Height: 34cm

Total Width: 29cm

Total Depth: 10cm

Back Storage Depth: 8cm

Back Storage Height: 30cm

Display/Window Diameter: 18.5cm x 25cm max


All UFO ita bags come with an insert that matches the colour of the bags lining (Insert dimensions: 32cm x 28cm). The insert has velcro on the back to stop if from dropping inside the bag.


UFO Skirt Measurements: 39cm x 12cm


Strap Thickness: 2cm (Straps are adjustable in length)


MLTY Universe will be printed onto the back of the bag.


3 Separate zipper compartments: 1 for the window, 1 for main storage, 1 at the back for valuable items.


Silver findings, including silver heart zippers.


The back storage for valuables (passport, money, keys etc) measures 15.5cm x 10cm


Two way bag system, comes with 3 straps (so either as a backpack or shoulder bag)


Handle on the top of the bag for ease of carrying


Unfortunately the UFO Ita bags have high flaw rates on the clear screen. This is mostly small scratches visible in the light and tiny dents (that look like dots).

I test bags for flaws by holding a bag with a closed zip window in daylight and seeing if any distinct marks reflect.


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