Space Agent Diamond GO! Is a self-published Sci-fi/Adventure comic that focuses on May Diamond: A resident of the planet Mystellia trying to find her way back to her home planet. Whilst travelling through the galaxies she gets recruited by none other than the Space Agents! An interspecies group of space travellers who'd joined together to take down the Demons who yearn to control the Universe. Will May stand up to the challenge and confront the Demons, or will her desire to get back to Mystellia get in the way?


With parental guidance I would say yes, this comic is suitable for kids! The series contains themes of different types of mental health issues, romance and mild violence. No profanity or explicit nudity is used in this series.


There are currently two comics available, which can either be purchased together or seperately: 


Space Agent Diamond GO! The Introduction




An A5 24 Page Comic introducing the Space Agent Diamond GO! Crew, and how May comes to join them on their ship. Great to pair with the Night Shift book to help gain a lil' more insight into the characters and world!





An A5 88 Page book, featuring all 3 parts of The Night Shift and a bonus mini comic exclusive to the physical copy of the book!


Without giving too many spoilers away-The Night Shift is May's first mission after being recruited by the Space Agents! This comic also gives us a glimpse of who the Space Agents are up against too: The Demons and their Elfen crew. 


"Running purely on coffee, May Diamond begins her first night shift on the Manta Ray. The Team's slow start is cut short by a call from none other than the Demon's HQ Ship-The Octagon. 


With a sleep deprived animal, a sensitive alien and a serious human, how will the team respond to the call?"


The Night Shift Comic also comes with a free A5 print of the cast :)

Space Agent Diamond GO! Comics: Introduction Comic and The Night Shift