Unfortunately the UFO Ita bags have high flaw rates on the clear screen. This is mostly small scratches visible in the light and tiny dents (that look like dots). Sometimes the 'skirt' of the bag will have a minor dent too. These are classed as B-Grade bags.


The UFO Ita bags...:


  • Come with an insert - An insert is used to pierce your pins and badges into and slot in the window section of the ita bag, so that you do not damage the actual bag!
  • Come with 3 detachable straps - This is so you are able to wear the bag as a sidebag, crossbody, or backpack
  • Have a front window which can be used to display your pins, charms and plushies!
  • Have a seperate zipper section for the ita window, inner storage
  • Have an extra zip inside the bag as well as on the back of the bag to store belongings
  • Use faux leather materials for the bags
  • Use clear PVC for the 'ita' window
  • 3 Separate zipper compartments: 1 for the window, 1 for main storage, 1 at the back for valuable items.
  • Silver findings, including silver heart zippers.
  • Will have a handle on the top of the bag for ease of carrying
  • Will come with a small perfume pack inside the bag to help keep prevent smells




  • Total Height: 23cm
  • Total Width: 28.5cm (including skirt panel)
  • Total Depth: 10cm
  • Back Storage Depth: 8cm
  • Back Storage Height: 23cm
  • Display/Window Diameter: 17cm x 10cm max
  • All UFO ita bags come with an insert that matches the colour of the bags lining (Insert dimensions: 22cm x 19cm). The insert has velcro on the back to stop if from dropping inside the bag.
  • UFO Skirt Measurements: 28.5cm x 9cm
  • Strap Thickness: 2cm (Straps are adjustable in length)
  • MLTY Universe will be printed onto the back of the bag.
  • The back compartment (under the logo) for valuables (passport, money, keys etc) measures 14cm x 10cm
  • Inner zip compartment 13cm x 10.5cm rougly
  • The weight of each bag is roughly 500 (Will be around 700g with padding and packaging)

The UFO Ita Bag Black/Green